What is a Model School?

Model middle schools align personnel and resources in a teaming design to foster cross-curricular instruction that is engaging, relevant, and prepares students for the rigorous high school curriculum. This instructional model empowers students to act as primary agents in the acquisition of knowledge and allows teachers to facilitate collaborative learning. Technology is infused throughout the school as a tool to enhance learning and promote innovation. Scholastic lists the following components of a thriving model school program:

  • Teachers with vision, passion, and compassion, who coach and guide rather than lecture
  • Creation of schools-within-schools
  • An exciting, meaningful learning experience that challenges all students to use their minds well, regardless of ability
  • Thematic curriculums that link several subjects
  • Use of different teaching styles to reach and challenge all types of learners
  • Innovative scheduling that allows more time for in-depth study and fits the pattern of middle school minds
  • An understanding of what it's like to be an adolescent and the ability to respond well to students' needs and concerns
  • A thriving after-school curriculum